Clever Laziness


Here’s some of the stuff I use for work and procrastination.


I used to be a Mac guy. Maybe I still am. But after having to part ways with my M1 Air, I started using an old gaming PC I built a while back. I’m not a lunatic, so I replaced Windows with Linux —Pop OS specifically. Now, I don’t think I’d go back to Mac.

Audio Gear

  • Bluesound NODE - This serves as audio input for the TV as well as an AirPlay and Roon endpoint. Pretty sweet.
  • Schiit Modius - This takes the SPDIF digital signal from the NODE.
  • Schiit Aegir - Then two of these (monoblock) take the balanced signal from the Modius.
  • Klipsch RP-600M - These sounds great and sweet for my messed up hearing.
  • beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro - These are overkill for essentially Zoom and podcasts. But TOOL does sound lovely in lossless.
  • Schiit Modi - Solid DAC for my listening needs.
  • Schiit Magni - Solid Amp to power the DT 990 Pros.


Because of the aforementioned jump to Linux, all of these Mac apps are no longer part of my daily usage. But more so, my job was switched over to GitHub Codespaces. And I’ve done the same for my projects.

  • VS Code - Honestly, I’ve tried all the editors at this point. This is by far the most decent one. It is solid enough, way too customizable, and integrates perfectly with all my tooling.
  • iTerm - Best macOS terminal.
  • Blink - Best iOS terminal.
  • Working Copy - I can’t believe this is an iOS app; paramount for mobile Git-ing.
  • Transmit - Rarely use it, but it’s nice to look at.
  • ShellFish - The iOS FTP app.
  • Affinity Designer - Who needs Photoshop.
  • Things - I’ve tried them all and this UI is simply the best for me.
  • Drafts - All text starts here.
  • Jayson - Nice UI for JSON on iOS.
  • Scriptable - Sometimes you just need a little JavaScript.
  • Alfred - Spotlight is great and Launchbar looks nicer, but you just can’t compare to the power of Alfred.
  • Hazel - A computer should run itself. This does the trick.
  • Moom - Nifty little window manager.
  • Bartender - Too much crap on the menu bar.

Daily Apps

  • Castro - I always go back and forth between this and Overcast. I love Overcast for its quality build, but Castro has a fantastic UI.
  • Reeder - I’ve been using the iOS sync feature and works perfectly.
  • GoodLinks - This is honestly the best read-it-later app you can find. It’s pretty much perfect.
  • Apollo - The only Reddit app.
  • Tweetbot - You’re an animal if you use the official Twitter app.

There are several more hardware and software I use. But these are the main things I cannot live without daily.

For an even nerdier list, take a look at my dotfiles and see into the soul of my Mac.